Local is not just a word, it’s a way of doing business. Local is calling our office and immediately speaking with a live customer service representative…someone who knows the street you live on, can see the weather from their window and possibly lives in your neighborhood. Local is having an owner of the company give immediate input to help resolve a customer’s concern. Local is offering our community competitive pricing for high quality service.

When you support Hometown Hauling, you are helping your local community. Because we don’t have corporate offices outside of the state, your money stays right here in Louisville. We create jobs for our local economy and offer great opportunities for growth. Our employees in return spend their well deserved, hard-earned money with other local businesses… right here in Louisville.

Corporate vs. Local culture… there is a difference.

Imagine the corporate environment where upper management sat around conference tables trying to figure out how to generate the most money from their current customer base. Some of their ‘brilliant’ ideas would include coming up with ‘Fuel Surcharges, Environmental Fees, Start-up Fees, and Insurance Fees’ … ways to justify charging their customers more money to send to some out-of-state corporate board of directors. Why just have price increases every quarter when you could add new fees on to their bill? I’m sure the corporate guys had it all figured out.

But… a group of people came together and decided that the citizens of Louisville deserved better than what these corporate guys had to offer, and they created Hometown Hauling. Our commitment would extend NO fees, consistent pricing and personal service. We are a company who cares about our customers and will find ways to keep the price low and people happy.

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