Policies & Guidelines


  • Please have your trash out the night before your pick up day or at the very least by 5AM the day of pickup, and have the can handle facing the house at the curb.
  • Totes and cans must be placed at the edge of the curb at least three feet from objects, such as cars or mailboxes.
  • Please bag all trash so that all garbage may be removed from the can. We are not responsible for loose trash that blows or falls out of your can.  You are allowed 2 extra bags or two 33 gal. cans along with our toter if needed for extra trash. A second 96 gal can is available for an additional charge of $5 a month. We will not empty any competitor’s totes.
  • Maximum tote weight load when full  is 200 lbs.
  • Lid of tote/can should be closed.
  • Cardboard boxes, barrels, drums and wheel barrows are not acceptable trash containers.
  • Cardboard boxes must be broken down flat and bundled.
  • We are not allowed to pick-up batteries, liquids, car parts, or any hazardous material.
  • Animal waste should be placed in a plastic bag prior to placing in tote or cans.
  • Household Hazardous waste (including medical waste), and/or liquid paint is not permitted.
  • Syringes must be placed in a rigid container with a tight-fitting lid prior to placement in tote or cans.
  • Renovation material such as drywall, flooring, bricks, concrete, rocks or dirt are not accepted.
  • Broken glass should be contained either in bags or plastic container before disposing in the tote or cans.
  • If you need to cancel your service, please call the office to do so. Non-payment of an account does not cancel your account. Refunds, if due, are sent only after the garbage can has been recovered. Any can not recovered will result in a $75.00 restock fee. There is a 3 month service minimum.
  • We are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. If for any reason you have questions or comments, feel free to give us a call at 502-361-4446. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 p.m.